Free Government Cell Phone Service


Individuals and families that are considered low-income will be pleased to know that they can take advantage of a government sponsored program that provides free cell service. This program, which initially began under the Regan Administration for free home phone service, offers 250 free minutes of cell service each month to qualified individuals. Qualify for […]

How to Get Free Cell Phone Service


Free Cell Phones and Service When a consumer loses their job, saving money becomes very important. Less income means less money available for monthly expenses, and oftentimes consumers need to make hard decisions. One decision may be to cut back or eliminate their home telephone. However, without a telephone, it is often impossible to get […]

How to Get a Free Cell Phone From the Government


Free Cell Phone From the Government In today’s world of technology, the possession of a phone has nearly become a necessity. From keeping in contact with your boss to contacting roadside assistance when car trouble occur, having a cell phone can prove beneficial any time of the day or night. Many, however, simply cannot afford […]

Free Government Cell Phones


Who Can Get Free Government Cell Phones? Since President Obama has taken control of the Oval Office, several things have changed; one of the least talked about are free government cell phones. Yes, that’s right, free phones… well kind of. The good news is, those who couldn’t afford a cell phone now can have one […]

Where to Get a Free Cell Phone


Get a Free Cell Phone with Free Minutes How Can I Get a Free Cell Phone? When they first stepped on the scene in the 1980s, cell phones were merely seen as luxuries for businessmen and wealthy individuals. A few decades later, however, these devices can be seen in the hands of children and businessmen […]

Where Can I Get a Free Cell Phone?


Free Obama Phones Do you want a cell phone but can’t afford one? Do you need a cell phone for safety purposes or because you don’t have a phone for emergencies or other calls needing to be made? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you can look into a cell phone programs […]